Driving the Next Generation of Digital Product Identification — Part One

Episode #12 December 17, 2021

Join us for a candid conversation between Niall Murphy, EVRYTHNG CEO and Co-founder and Riley McCormack, Digimarc CEO as they take us behind the scenes into WHY the time is right for the two companies to come together as one.

From enabling more sustainable, more transparent, and more secure supply chains to empowering consumers to verify the authenticity of products and recyclability of their packaging, combining Digimarc’s unique means of identification with the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud®️ makes it possible to gather and apply traceability data from across the product lifecycle. (Digimarc announced the acquisition of EVRYTHNG in November 2021.)

The industry is taking note of this partnership. We’ll let Niall and Riley share WHY in their own words.

And with that, let’s Real Talk!

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