The Ledger of Every Thing

What Blockchain Technology Can (and Cannot) Do for the IoT

A Blockchain Research Institute Big Idea Whitepaper

The Internet of Things is where the rubber meets the road for blockchain. Beyond the purely digital applications of finance, communication, and intellectual property rights management lies the physical world where trillions of objects will be connected — connect, communicating, and exchanging value without human intervention.

This white paper discusses:

  • An introduction to the IoT
  • Blockchains & IoT
  • Implementing Blockchains for IoT

Introduction to EVRYTHNG

An overview of EVRYTHNG and the value that digitized products can provide to brands and consumers.


Digital Emotional Intelligence

A Customer Experience Framework to Understand and Anticipate Human Emotions Across Physical and Digital Channels


The Company of the Future

How smart products drive digital transformation.


The Digital Product Lifecycle

How smart products can improve supply chain efficiency and drive more valuable consumer relationships.



A white paper exploring the role blockchains play in the IoT, and how your business can deploy a POC in just a few steps.


Supply Chain

A white paper exploring the value of the digital supply chain.


From Designer Labels to Digital Labels

Read how Apparel ‘Born Digital’ will lead the way in the Internet of Things.


The Insurance of Things

A white paper examining the new era of digital disruption that the Internet of Things is driving in the home and property insurance markets.


Securing the Internet of Things

Smart products need robust, enterprise-grade, end to end security measures.


Scale White Paper

A white paper exploring scale for enterprise IoT.


IoT Buyer’s Guide

A white paper offering guidance on key considerations for IoT platform selection, primarily for Consumer Electronics & Appliance Manufacturers.


Wearables and the Web of Things

A white paper on the importance of open loop, lateral data connections in a wearable technology world.


Every Thing Connected

A white paper about how Web Object Technology is putting every physical thing on the Web.


Product Relationship Management™

Turning physical products into owned digital media.