An eBook exploring how the Apparel industry will lead the way in the Internet of Things

The Apparel industry has a barnstorming history of digital innovation, but has never become truly digital at its core. Brands create brilliant campaigns and offers to drive sales, but never quite reach the nirvana of a true ongoing relationship with consumers, and the data that results from this.

In contrast, brands that are digital to the core can leverage the full value of their data, applications and services to enhance current programs and unlock new service lines and revenue.

Now, all apparel items can be born digital

The unique partnership between EVRYTHNG and Avery Dennison RBIS has changed the game for apparel brands by making 10bn products ‘Born Digital’.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why apparel brands need to stop following digital, and become truly digital to their core.
  • What it means for a product to be ‘Born Digital’.
  • Where the opportunities lie for brands:
    • In engaging consumers.
    • For supply chain and brand protection.
  • How to self-assess your brand’s current level of innovation.
  • About the industry disruption that Apparel’s true innovators will drive with ‘Born Digital’ products.


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