Samsung Ventures and EVRYTHNG Partner to Make Products Smart; Backed by Investment

Global leader in consumer electronics, appliances and industrial device manufacturing collaborates with Web of Things software pioneer to connect products to the Web.

NEW YORK, LONDON & SEOUL, October 30th, 2014: EVRYTHNG, the Web of Things software company making products smart by connecting them to the Web, today announced an investment from Samsung Venture Investment Corp (Samsung Ventures). This partnership represents a landmark collaboration that accelerates an open ecosystem of innovation around the Web of Things – the idea that disparate products and other objects can use open Web standards to interconnect and share data, creating significant value for consumers and brands.

EVRYTHNG’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and Web of Things technology connects products to the Web, making it possible for users to digitally interact with consumer products, appliances, electronics and industrial products through mobile devices. On an industrial scale, EVRYTHNG’s platform also enables machines to connect directly with enterprise systems, applications and the wider network of smart objects and devices, allowing the Web of Things ecosystem to thrive.

“By design, many connected products today have operated in closed environments that cannot connect with products from other manufacturers. But by 2020, it is estimated that there will be more than 200 billion connected products globally – closed ecosystems that don’t horizontally connect with each other undermine the potential for success by limiting consumers’ ability to interact with multiple products from different manufacturers,” said Niall Murphy, Founder and CEO of EVRYTHNG. “We believe that the Web is the ultimate open ecosystem – embracing the Web of Things dramatically changes the course of connected products, and we’re excited by this commitment from Samsung, making the Web of Things a reality with Samsung Ventures not just for the company, but the industry as a whole.”

To underpin the partnership, EVRYTHNG has received an additional seven-figure investment from Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation (SVIC), the global investment arm of the Samsung Group.

EVRYTHNG is a Web of Things software company, making products smart by connecting them to the Web. Companies use EVRYTHNG’s software-as-a-service to manage their connected products, make product operations smarter with real-time tracking analytics, and help their customers connect to products in a smarter way.

The EVRYTHNG Engine helps companies to manage billions of intelligent online identities in the cloud for their products. World-leading manufacturer and retail brands work with EVRYTHNG to operate applications linked to individual items as they are made, sold and used, making their supply chains smarter and connecting products more cleverly to people’s lives.

To find out more about how EVRYTHNG is enabling the Web of Things today by powering the next revolution in product operations and customer interaction, please visit and follow @EVRYTHNG.

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