Saving the world, more than meets the eye…

Christmas is a great time for movies.


One of my childhood favourites was the Transformer cartoon series. Even though I’ve become a bit numb to Michael Bay movies over the years, I did love the modern day representation of Optimus Prime.

It helps having Peter Cullen’s voice, combined with some of the best CGI of its time. But even beyond that, it was one of those stories that managed (despite the relentless Michael Bay action) to pull on the heart strings.

Movies about saving the world aren’t new of course, but if you are a movie fan that just makes the more emotive ones a bit more special. Peter Cullen when interviewed about his audition for the role, credits his brother for creating the character by telling him;

“Don’t be a Hollywood hero type… Be strong enough to be gentle”

My role, in my own mind at least, is an audacious one – teaching companies how they can save the world, but still succeed and grow.

The world has a problem. We consume too much stuff, and we don’t have enough accountability over the things we produce. We’re slowly turning the planet into one huge ball of landfill. I’m often reminded in my day-to-day life of the animation “Man” by Steve Cutts, and thoughts like these can lead to depression & despair.

When we look at huge problems, this is often the reaction. The scale of something so important often leads to paralysis. However, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Best way to change the world? Take a look at ourselves.

We, the consumers, are dramatically changing our habits. The food we eat, the cars we drive, the brands we interact with.

Authentic, efficient, sustainable, circular & recycled isn’t something you do overnight. For example; raw materials traceability data exists already, but bringing it together in the right place is a process. As with any change, you start doing every day in small steps until they become a habit and the norm.

Where was this manufactured?
What is it made of?
Is it safe to use or eat?
How do I recycle this thing properly?

Are just a few questions more and more of us are asking ourselves with a product in hand. Our choices are what really compel change, and there are many brands that are responding.

Many will tell you that having an ecological or sustainable business isn’t great economics. However, as our habits change so does the model for what’s economically viable.

Sustainable business is good business. A record of this information in the cloud is the first small step, and EVRYTHNG can amplify it to make it not only sustainable but profitable to do so. Organisations can come together and turn thoughts into initiatives, and policy into action. Just check out Holy Grail 2.0 as a fantastic example.

So instead of being overwhelmed to be the Hollywood hero. Be Optimus Prime, be strong enough to be gentle. Be methodical and take each small step steadily and confidently into the world you’re going to save.

Peter Cullen
Paramount pictures
Steve Cutts
The Notorious B.I.G.

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