Smarter products protect your brand

Engage consumers and crowd-source brand inspection data to fight piracy and protect your brands and your revenue




EVRYTHNG’s Brand Protection solution lets inspection teams directly authenticate products and re-purposes the real-time data created by consumer-product interactions to solve brand protection challenges at even greater scale.

As consumers engage with your product to access personalized marketing experiences – for example, by scanning a smart tag on the label or packaging with their smartphone – the same interaction data also checks product authenticity for your supply chain.

Real-time information about location, time and usage of uniquely identified, serialized items generates rich data analytics and customized alerts to help detect product tampering, counterfeiting and parallel trading.

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“According to FBI, Interpol, World Customs Organization and Intl. Chamber of Commerce estimates, roughly 7-8% of world trade every year is in counterfeit goods.”

US Department of Commerce; Office of Intellectual Property Rights, 2015

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