Smarter products are data-driven media

Turn your product into the ultimate owned digital media channel for direct, personalized consumer engagement



Your products already touch consumers millions of times a day. EVRYTHNG activates these ubiquitous and under-used assets with a combination of smartphones, smart packaging and our smart software in the cloud.

Deliver ‘in-the-moment’ content, loyalty rewards or offers, based on contextual triggers like time, place, product, past interaction and purchase history, or lifestyle data pulled in real-time from social networks.

Now consumers can digitally interact with products to unlock personalized content and rewarding brand experiences at point of sale, or post-purchase. And manufacturers can operate every product as data-driven interactive media to drive brand attraction, differentiation, and 1:2:1 consumer connections.

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“With EVRYTHNG's technology we are creating Diageo's first one-to-one marketing platform at point of sale which means we can engage and respond continuously to our highly connected consumers by bridging the virtual & real worlds.”

Venky Balakrishnan, Global Vice President, Digital Innovation, Diageo
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“The Coca-Cola Company has always been committed to technologies that place our brands at the heart of consumers’ lives. We are excited to use EVRYTHNG’s IoT Smart Products Platform and smart packaging technology to activate our products as brand-controlled, data-driven digital media.”

Matteo Busnelli, Head of Digital Marketing (Europe, CSE), The Coca-Cola Company

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