Smarter products come with real-time tracking

Manage and track your inventory in real-time from factory floor to high street to living room

inventory management 2INVENTORY MANAGEMENT


A smarter supply chain alerts you when there are problems, tells you when stock needs replenishing and gives you full end-to-end traceability of everything you manufacture.

Use EVRYTHNG’s Inventory Management application solution to optimize your supply chain transparency and accuracy to simplify product recalls, quality control and chain of custody.

Turn on real-time tracking at item level for product status, origin or location – automatically. Now all your products, cases and pallets can tell you where they are, how they got there and what condition they’re in.

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“Companies that focus on improving their supply chain performance consistently outperform their peers financially. Leaders also enjoy 30% higher EBIT margins than the average.”

'Next Generation Supply Chains', PWC, 2013

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