Smarter products have better onboarding

Increase registrations and warranty sales; create a better customer onboarding experience and new service engagement opportunities



Improve the registration process for appliances and consumer electronics with frictionless digital sign-up at the point of product purchase or installation to increase conversion and revenue.

A unique identifier and smart tag on every appliance lets users access manuals, care guides and a range of personalized service experiences on their smartphones using a simple social login.

This also creates valuable new customer contact opportunities. Know who and where your customers are, which products they own and when they might need repair or replacement. Upsell extended warranties, matching products, and proactively promote new services when warranties expire.

Harvard Business Review found that direct, digital customer relationships contribute twice as much as brand to overall enterprise value.

“We selected EVRYTHNG as our IoT partner to provide a streamlined customer on-boarding experience that increases product registrations and extended warranty sales.”

Peter Edwards, Chief information Officer, Domestic & General

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