Smarter products are easier to keep buying

Use smarter packaging and EVRYTHNG's application solutions to create friction-free ways to reorder directly from your product

Product reordering


Create a direct, digital sales channel with smarter packaging on your CPG products, smarter labels on apparel and accessories, or by creating new IoT reordering devices.

Enabling frictionless e-commerce transactions with EVRYTHNG’s reordering solution increases product consumption and stops users from running out of stock (or from being tempted by other brands when they do).

Making it easier to re-order products, or even automating the reordering or replenishment process, makes e-commerce smarter, boosts sales and is the ultimate form of customer loyalty.

“EVRYTHNG's IoT platform and expertise has been instrumental in planning and executing our smart product e-commerce project to drive reordering.”

Richard Jones, Global eCommerce Strategy Manager, MARS

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