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Truly resilient, agile and transparent supply chains need a level of real-time visibility not possible with today’s systems. The EVRYTHNG Product Cloud® gives an intelligent digital identity to everything you make and leverages real-time intelligence, machine learning and analytics to give end-to-end item-level visibility from factory to consumer.

How it works



Each item, case, pallet or batch gets an Active Digital Identity™ in the Product Cloud, making them trackable, verifiable, data-generating objects on the Web.  



Sourcing, production and provenance data from ERPs, PIMs and other packaging systems is added into the products’ digital profiles. 



As products and inventory journey across the value chain, data is gathered into one actionable place for real-time inventory management and traceability.



Unique items can be authenticated by consumers and brand inspectors using a smartphone, and the item’s QR code, NFC tag or other identifier.

Customer stories

Brands across all sectors are turning their supply chains into a competitive advantage with EVRYTHNG

“End-to-end traceability and supply chain analysis is 40 times faster thanks to EVRYTHNG.”

Jerome Grevin
QSE Compliance Director
The Glenmorangie Company

How EVRYTHNG transforms the supply chain with product intelligence

Prevent fraud, protect your brand

Apply data science at scale to protect brand and supply chain integrity

Detect counterfeit

Scale up your brand protection and reduce dependency on materials science, by using real-time rules and machine learning algorithms.

Track product diversion

Use crowdsourced data to exponentially increase visibility across all markets and minimze impacts of undetected gray market activity.

Ensure compliance

Give regulators and consumers instant visibility of product ingredients, provenance or recyclability, at the item, SKU or batch-level.

Traceability from factory to consumer

Aggregate data from silos across the value chain and make it actionable and shareable in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud.

Prove transparency

With a simple smartphone scan, consumers can access full item transparency and provenance information. 

Transform inventory management

Gain greater control over production, distribution and inventory with real-time tracking of cases, pallets or shipments.

Improve safety and quality control

Enable your quality teams to trace issues back to source, locate affected products in market and alert consumers where products need recalling.



Our focus is on data science

We enable you to leverage the latest technologies in IoT, machine learning and predictive analytics by aggregating your end-to-end supply chain data into one actionable place in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud.

We work with your existing supply chain

Our open, extensible platform supports industry standards like EPCIS 2.0 and GS1 Digital Link for easy collaboration and data sharing. We connect to enterprise and partner systems to gather data in a seamless, scalable way.

Scalable product digitization model

EVRYTHNG partners with leading printing and packaging companies, and integrates with Inline Production systems to automate digital activation of products in the factory, making it faster and simpler to get started. 

The only enterprise platform to manage product item data from end to end

EVRYTHNG is an extensible and scalable cloud platform which makes it easy to aggregate and share data across your product’s lifecycle

EVRYTHNG Product Cloud

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