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IOTA integration
Partner & Ecosystem

IOTA: A New Partner on the Block(chain)

Celebrating a year of milestones It has been a year since the launch of our Blockchain Integration Hub. A year full of milestones leading to real world deployments of products combining EVRYTHNG Active Digital IdentitiesTM and a mix of different blockchains. For instance, Almond launched FACT, a new drink brand digitized on the EVRYTHNG platform.

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BRI paper
Product & Technology

The Ledger of Every Thing: a report on blockchain & IoT

We started experimenting with the blockchain about two years ago when we were invited to join the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) to lead the Blockchain and IoT research. A big part of our work for the institute was to research the impact the blockchain, and more generally Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), will have on IoT,

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Introducing the EVRYTHNG Blockchain Integration Hub

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Blockchain Integration Hub, a milestone in our exploration of what blockchain technologies can bring to supply chain & the IoT and in particular to the digitization of CPG and apparel products. In short, the hub packages integrations with several blockchains and makes it easy for consumer

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EVRYTHNG Opens Blockchain to Every Consumer Product Brand

OriginTrail, Tierion, and BLOCKv Partner with EVRYTHNG to Bring Blockchain Transparency, Authentication and Supply Chain Applications to Consumer Products NEW YORK & LONDON, June, 5, 2018 — EVRYTHNG, the leading digital identity and data management platform for consumer products, today announced the availability of the EVRYTHNG Blockchain Integration Hub. The announcement coincides with the signing

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7 Things We Learned About IoT Smart Products in 2017

As we embark on 2018, I wanted to stop for a moment and take a look at some key disruptive technology trends emerging over the last 12 months. Here are 7 of the most significant which are certain to shape the year ahead. 2017 was a turning point for mass-scale consumer engagement via product packaging.  This

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Beyond the Blockchain Hype

Blockchain is often touted as “the savior” to many of the obstacles that the Internet of Things must overcome for mainstream adoption. These challenges include security, trust, interoperability standards, the need for centralized platforms to provide processing power and the lack of resilience that a centralized approach can mean. Yet to some extent, the hype

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Blockchains, Food, Beverages & IoT

In November 2008, a paper signed by a certain Satoshi Nakamoto was posted on the internet, leading to the creation of the bitcoin blockchain. Fast forward nine years, and blockchain technologies are on the verge of revolutionizing countless businesses, from banking to insurance, including the way we track and secure the food chain. What’s a

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Using Blockchain Tech with EVRYTHNG to Certify Traceability Data

The heatwave generated by the blockchain revolution hasn’t spared the IoT field. While there are a number of blockchain use cases that just don’t make sense (such as controlling smart home devices), we are particularly interested in its potential impact on product traceability. Some of the unique properties of blockchain technologies could be very useful

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