The IoT – Sustainability’s New BFF?

HOME The IoT space is hotting up each and every day. New players coming in to the market, new products destined to adapt the way we live and new initiatives launched to save the world from imminent doom. This weeks Cleanweb Conference was very much focused on the latter. Here at EVRYTHNG we think a

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International Web of Things Workshop – Call for Papers

HOME We are happy to announce that this year EVRYTHNG will again co-organize the International Web of Things workshop. As every year the workshop will consist of two distinct (but quite complementary parts). First, the WoT hackathon where makers and tinkerers will meet to build awesome prototypes with connected things and products. Then, the WoT scientific

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Lulled Into A False Sense of Security

HOME I’ve just got back from a week at TED 2013 with the usual fragments of stimulating, fascinating and downright inspiring ideas ricocheting around my tired brain.Futurist and author Juan Enriquez likened the social trails we leave on the Web to “digital tattoos” which never fade and theorised that Warhol’s prediction of 15 minutes of

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