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GS1 Digital Link 1.1: Helping Brands Maximize the Power of Real-time Product Data for Direct-to-Consumer Engagement

Product Digitization and the Release of GS1 Digital Link 1.1 Signals a New Era for the Consumer Products Industry   A new digital ecosystem is transforming the way consumer product brands and their customers interact. At the heart of this ecosystem is the newly released GS1 Digital Link 1.1 global standard that upgrades the ubiquitous

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GS1 Blog Series: Using GDSN and EPCIS with EVRYTHNG

You’ve made it through to the final post in our blog series on GS1 identifiers and the EVRYTHNG platform… congratulations! (For a recap on what we covered so far, take a look at GS1 in a nutshell,  Why web-enable GS1 Identifiers  and  EVRYTHNG and SmartSearch.) In this post we’ll look at the “share” standards developed by GS1. Specifically

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GS1 Blog Series: Using GS1 Identifiers and SmartSearch with EVRYTHNG

Welcome to post #3 in our series exploring GS1 identifiers and the EVRYTHNG platform. If you missed the last post, read it here  to catch up. (Don’t worry, we’ll wait…) The EVRYTHNG platform has been built with a highly flexible data model geared towards providing the ability for anybody to digitally represent physical products and

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GS1 blog series: EVRYTHNG and GS1 in a nutshell

EVRYTHNG became a GS1 US Solution Partner a few months ago, as we excitedly announced in a blog post at the time.  This news may have made you wonder: Who exactly is GS1 and what does this have to do with the Internet of Things?  We’ll be explaining what this all means in a series of blog

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