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Partner & Ecosystem

Wiliot and EVRYTHNG Bring Battery-free, Low-cost IoT Tags to All Products

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Wiliot. Wiliot is one of the most groundbreaking technologies I’ve seen in recent years in the area of smart products. Wiliot has created a battery-free Bluetooth chip that harvests ambient energy in place of batteries. The innovative technology recycles the radio waves around us to

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Product & Technology

It’s real: Data-Driven Product Authenticity with Machine Learning

One of our big goals at EVRYTHNG is to change the way supply chain integrity and product authenticity issues are tackled. Issues like counterfeit products, gray market imports and the production of  backdoor goods. Today most of these challenges are resolved using ‘material science’ techniques: putting ‘hard to copy’ tags on products. For example, tags

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Machine Learning, Connected Devices, and Drinking too much Coffee

HOME We’re excited to report on a machine learning project that we’ve recently completed. The goal of our project was to build an interactive tool that would allow our sales team to engage customers with an interactive experience of EVRYTHNG’s machine learning capabilities. Perhaps more important was what we learned about developing user centric machine

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Appliance Telematics

Remember all of the hype about Internet-connected appliances, including refrigerators that would order milk and washing machines that could be controlled and monitored from work?  For all of that excitement, it might surprise you to know that in 2014, of the 600M white goods appliances sold globally, less than 0.2% came with Internet connectivity.* While

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For Smart Home, Think App Killer, Not Killer App

HOME At this point in the evolution of IoT and the smart home, it has become abundantly clear that when it comes to managing our smart devices, we have too many apps—way too many. As any semi-serious enthusiast can tell you, once you start down the smart home path, your smartphone real estate will quickly

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EVRYTHNG Opens up the Smart Home for the Property Insurance Sector

HOME EVRYTHNG, the IoT Smart Products Platform, announced today the availability of its IoT Insurance solution to enable insurers to design and deploy new smart home insurance propositions. Built upon an ecosystem of pre-integrated devices, including high-profile partners such as Jasco, iHome and First Alert, it enables insurers to bypass the complexity associated with multi-vendor smart

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Smart Home Solutions for Insurance Companies

HOME IoT is currently disrupting the property insurance market, just as it has done in the automotive and health industries. To help insurance companies capitalize on this opportunity, EVRYTHNG today announced our new IoT Insurance solution. Read our press release here. We give insurers a cutting-edge market advantage by using the data generated from connected devices

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EVRYTHNG, Insurance & IoT

HOME EVRYTHNG is heavily involved in creating IoT smart home and Insurance provider solutions.  As a result of this innovative work, Curt Schacker, our Senior Vice President of Connected Products, has been invited to participate in Park Associates’ Insurance Webinar panel discussion on September 27th. Curt will be discussing the current impact IoT has on

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Creating the blueprint for the Smart Home

HOME Complexity in the Smart Home market impacts device makers and consumers alike.  It’s something we spend a lot of time thinking about, and engineering effort on our platform simplifying. As EVRYTHNG CTO and Co-founder Dom Guinard recently wrote on O’Reilly ,“The IoT needs a defrag” – in short: full interoperability across competing consumer ecosystems

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Ask Me Anything! A round-up

HOME Offering up the challenge; ‘Ask me anything!’ to a potential audience of 230 million Reddit users is a small step into the unknown.  This is what our intrepid CTO and co-founder Dom Guinnard threw himself into last Friday, when he hosted a Reddit AMA session on the Internet of Things, to coincide with the launch

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