The Next Frontier in Digital Media Will Be Connected Products

HOME How Products Will Become Their Own Media Channels This article was first published in Ad Age on 7 November 2014. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) has recently exploded as a hot new “thing,” fueled in part by Google’s and Cisco’s increasing strategic investments, and an estimated $19 trillion dollar market opportunity (that’s more than

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Connected devices, real-time push and the Web of Things

HOME The EVRYTHNG platform is well-known for connecting FMCGs and other non-electronic objects (aka “dumb products“). While this is a market we’ve deployed a number of applications in, we’re also quite active on the other side of the IoT spectrum: connected devices. To illustrate how the EVRYTHNG cloud can be used as a platform of

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Partner & Ecosystem

Opportunity Beyond the IoT: Printed Electronics and Smart Systems

We’re delighted that our partnership with Thinfim has been featured in this excellent IDC whitepaper on printed electronics and the IoT. Learn more about how printed electronics and smart systems extend the reach of the IoT: download a full copy of the whitepaper from Thinfilm’s website

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On the Net nobody knows you are a dumb thing

HOME In a recent blog post I reported on IFA+ and the issues that appliance manufacturers are facing when trying to connect their things. In this post, I’d like to share what I spoke about at IFA+. EVRYTHNG @ Home Rather than focusing on promoting Web of Things best practices, which are slowly but steadily

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Customers & Use Cases

EVRYTHNG’s Response to Ofcom’s Internet of Things Consultation

Ofcom, the UK regulator and competition authority for the communications industries, published a consultation document on promoting investment and innovation in the Internet of Things in late July 2014. EVRYTHNG has responded to this with a submission, an extract of which we have shared below. You can also read EVRYTHNG’s full Ofcom IoT consultation submission

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Fixing the IoT for Appliances

HOME Source: IFA Visiting and speaking at the IFA Summit in Berlin, and speaking at IFA+ (a new think-tank conference exploring the future of appliances within the exhibition) was quite enlightening, so I wanted to share a few thoughts about it with you here. For a week every year, Berlin becomes the appliances – and

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Amazon Firefly and the future of connectable products

HOME The Amazon phone’s Firefly feature validates the market opportunity for digital consumer-product interaction. The feature we were most interested in coming out of the Amazon’s Fire phone launch a few weeks ago was Firefly. Providing real-world scanning functionality, Firefly enables users to visually search for images, text and product labels and barcodes – at

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eBay’s IoT Collections: The NFC-Automated Home

HOME In our penultimate eBay Internet of Things Collections blog post we wanted to talk about a cheap way of making your house a little smarter, one NFC or QR tag at a time: the NFC-Automated Home! A little while ago over on the Web of Things blog we showed you how you could use

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EVRYTHNG’s Web of Things Hackfest at London IoT Week

HOME EVRYTHNG’s Web of Things Hackfest at London IOT Week UK’s IOT enthusiasts invited to test their technical expertise at event held in conjunction with The European COMPOSE technology project 17th June, 2014 – London. EVRYTHNG, the Web of Things software company that makes products smart by connecting them to the Web, and the European

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eBay’s IoT Collections: Smart Fussball Table

HOME It’s time again for an ebay Internet of Things Collection recipe. This time we’ll be looking at a nice challenge we tackled at the last Web of Things Hackathon – the Smart Fussball Table! This yearly hackathon (stay tuned for the next one – advertised soon) is always focusing on a challenge that involves

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