EVRYTHNG’s IoT Wishlist: Full NFC capabilities for the Apple crowd

HOME The next item on our IoT wishlist is one of my own: full NFC capabilities for Apple devices. Like many of the pundits, I was simultaneously pleased and disappointed that the iPhone 6 had NFC capabilities. Pleased that the new phones included NFC, but disappointed that the capabilities were restricted to one Apple application.

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On the Net nobody knows you are a dumb thing

HOME In a recent blog post I reported on IFA+ and the issues that appliance manufacturers are facing when trying to connect their things. In this post, I’d like to share what I spoke about at IFA+. EVRYTHNG @ Home Rather than focusing on promoting Web of Things best practices, which are slowly but steadily

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eBay’s IoT Collections: The NFC-Automated Home

HOME In our penultimate eBay Internet of Things Collections blog post we wanted to talk about a cheap way of making your house a little smarter, one NFC or QR tag at a time: the NFC-Automated Home! A little while ago over on the Web of Things blog we showed you how you could use

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Apple’s iBeacons, should NFC care?

HOME Last Friday, we were commenting for the Financial Times on Apple’s announcement of Bluetooth Low Energy support in the form of iBeacons. An announcement that might well start a little revolution, not so much because Apple invented it (in fact they did not…) but because iOS support of any protocol that more of less

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