Hot Tech Innovators

HOME Technology analysts ABI Research recently released their “Hot Tech Innovators” report on the most pioneering companies operating in today’s global markets. As ABI’s Chief Research Officer, Stuart Carlaw, puts it: “If you are working for a company sitting comfortably in the bird seat of any tech market, these are the companies you need to

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The Big Five?

HOME OK, a little self-promoting we’ll admit but we simply couldn’t resist patting ourselves on the back to start the week off. In a new report by top tech analysts Gartner on ‘Cognizant Computing: where computers become aware of a users demands’, EVRYTHNG was mentioned as “ones to watch” alongside some other lesser known tech

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Lulled Into A False Sense of Security

HOME I’ve just got back from a week at TED 2013 with the usual fragments of stimulating, fascinating and downright inspiring ideas ricocheting around my tired brain.Futurist and author Juan Enriquez likened the social trails we leave on the Web to “digital tattoos” which never fade and theorised that Warhol’s prediction of 15 minutes of

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