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Making Products Smart With Printed Electronics

Earlier this month at Mobile World Congress, we and our partner Thinfilm and customer Diageo unveiled a prototype smart whisky bottle. The prototype combined our IoT smart products cloud with Thinfilm’s OpenSense™ printed NFC tag and Diageo’s premium whisky brand Johnnie Walker Blue, and demonstrated the business value of connecting a CPG product that’s smart

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EVRYTHNG’s IoT Wishlist: A Connected Guitar

HOME Founder and CMO Andy has requested the next item on our IoT wishlist: a connected guitar. He says: “I’d love a connected guitar. It would stream the notes I play into the cloud, and let me do data visualization, as well as connect data with other apps. For example, I could play the riff

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EVRYTHNG’s IoT Wishlist: Smart Theater Props

HOME Rosie, EA to our CEO & Finance Assistant, has added to our IoT wishlist with a request to make theater props smart. She says: “I’d love to have all the items in theaters’ prop stores be smart – by adding NFC tags. This would make it easy to see all the different shows each

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EVRYTHNG’s IoT Wishlist: A Really Smart Watch

HOME The latest item on our IoT wishlist comes from David, a tech evangelist, developer, and EVRYTHNG blog reader who tweeted us his suggestion. He says: “There are lots of IoT watches out there, and I love watches, but so far, there isn’t a complete watch, for me. I want a smart watch that looks

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On the Net nobody knows you are a dumb thing

HOME In a recent blog post I reported on IFA+ and the issues that appliance manufacturers are facing when trying to connect their things. In this post, I’d like to share what I spoke about at IFA+. EVRYTHNG @ Home Rather than focusing on promoting Web of Things best practices, which are slowly but steadily

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