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Making Things talk Web with the W3C

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to participate to the first face to face meeting of the W3C Web of Things (WoT) Interest Group (IG). Vlad and I have been working on and actively promoting an Internet of Things (IoT) that uses Web protocols (also known as “Web of Things”) since 2007 –

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A New White Paper: Wearables & the Web of Things

HOME Wearables are a really hot topic right now: a tangible, very cool consumer-facing example of the IoT in action. But while wearables are often seen as a new product category, they’ve actually been around for a while already – for example, pacemakers and hearing aids. Thanks to technological advances, the category has grown at

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Connected devices, real-time push and the Web of Things

HOME The EVRYTHNG platform is well-known for connecting FMCGs and other non-electronic objects (aka “dumb products“). While this is a market we’ve deployed a number of applications in, we’re also quite active on the other side of the IoT spectrum: connected devices. To illustrate how the EVRYTHNG cloud can be used as a platform of

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ebay’s IoT Collections: The Mashable Web of Things Home

HOME Welcome to our final blog from the eBay Internet of Things collections series! In our penultimate post in this series, we were showing you how to implement a low-tech version of home automation using NFC and the EVRYTHNG engine. This time we’ll look at the bleeding-edge version of our connected home! A home where

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