Talking Digital Transformation @ Adobe Summit EMEA

We’re excited to announce that Cameron Hulett, our Chief Commercial Officer, will deliver a keynote at the Adobe Summit EMEA, held in London on May 11 and 12.

In his talk, Cameron will explore how the Internet of Things presents a unique opportunity for consumer product manufacturers to transform how they engage with their customers.

A brand’s physical product represents an owned-media channel of millions and even billions of daily consumer touch points, with far higher reach than any other media. Cameron will reveal how brands are using IoT technologies to turn these products into real-time interactive assets to create direct digital relationships with individual customers.

The ubiquity of smartphones and the growing sophistication of on-pack identifiers and image recognition technology means products can now be enhanced with a digital layer. Using cloud-based software intelligence and real-time data management, brands can deliver highly personalized, engaging digital experiences to consumers scanning products, whether in store, at a concert or at home.

On top of building brand loyalty and engagement, the other prize from this IoT innovation is data. The keynote will look at how smart products provide the vital missing piece of the marketing jigsaw: real-time insights into how customers buy and use their products. Brands gain significant competitive advantage by building up a rich database of user profiles, behaviours, locations and times of day, all generated by millions of real-world consumer interactions. Without doubt, smarter products = smarter marketing!

If you are planning to attend the summit, and would like a 1-2-1 meeting with Cameron, please get in touch!

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