Smart Products Platform

The Internet of Things cloud platform to make products smart

EVRYTHNG’s award-winning IoT cloud platform-as-a-service lets manufacturer brands connect and manage IoT products, engage consumers through packaged goods, and track them on the Web in real time. This makes business operations smarter and connects your products with consumers and the other applications and products in their digital lives.

How it works

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EVRYTHNG assigns a unique digital identity to each physical product to make it smart. Products can be Connected (e.g. a washing machine using embedded technology) or Tagged (e.g. a bottle of wine with a QR code or printed electronics sensor label).

EVRYTHNG’s technology creates a dynamic data profile for each item, in combination with a uniquely addressable API. This makes the product always-accessible, manageable and intelligent.

We call this an Active Digital Identity™ (ADI), and you can read more about ADIs here.

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Set up an account at:, and use an HTTP client library in the programming language of your choice.

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Smart, Connected Products

An ADI for a connected product will power smart, real-time applications for consumers, service technicians, and the manufacturer.

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Smart, Tagged Products

An ADI for a tagged product delivers intelligent content and experiences to end consumers, and powerful tracking to supply chain operators.

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