The Big Five?

OK, a little self-promoting we’ll admit but we simply couldn’t resist patting ourselves on the back to start the week off.

In a new report by top tech analysts Gartner on ‘Cognizant Computing: where computers become aware of a users demands’, EVRYTHNG was mentioned as “ones to watch” alongside some other lesser known tech firms you may have come across: Google, Facebook & Amazon.

Another Game of Thrones, David Parkins, EVRYTHNG

The report is subscriber-only but here’s the link anyway, just in case you have some spare change lying around.

As you might imagine, we’re really pleased that Gartner recognizes our vision for Every Thing Connected – every physical object with a digital identity on the web.


And hey, who knows, perhaps one day the G-A-F-A big four (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) will end up turning into the big five – roll on G-A-F-A-E! 😉

To be ever so slightly more grounded, if we end up making a fraction as much of an impact as the other guys then we’ll be very happy Nabaztag bunnies!

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