The Launch of eBay’s IoT Collections: Smart Lamps

Today sees the launch of ‘eBay Collections’ – eBay’s newest feature that allows its members to curate products around certain themes or ideas – and here at EVRYTHNG we are proud to have been asked to contribute 12 Internet of Things Collections as part of the initial launch campaign.

ebay collections, IoT

We trust our IoT Collections will be well received in the existing hacker / coder / maker communities 😉 but we are also keen to encourage more people to get involved in this exciting space! We will therefore be releasing a series of recipe blogs to accompany our Collections, giving step-by-step guidance on how to build useful, interesting and fun connected products.

First up, Smart Lamps – change lamp colors and patterns based on real-world events!

Smart Lamps, ebay collections, IoT

Obviously our final goal wasn’t simply to use the lamps to reflect the mood in the office but to do something slightly smarter with them: to create a very visual and simple dashboard of how well our infrastructure and software was doing at any one point of time.

Although we chose to use the system to monitor the status of our infrastructure we want it to be usable for any other use-case you can think of also, such as monitoring the stock market or maybe the weather – not necessarily useful in London! 😉

Smart lamps, ebay collections, IoT

So, if you want to get connecting, head over to our tech research community website Web of Things where you’ll find the full tech detail recipe blog and don’t forget to check back in a couple of weeks for the next instalment in our recipe blog series: EMF Smog Box…

Happy hacking!

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