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EVRYTHNG will be returning to SXSW this year, and as usual, we have some stellar talks for you. Please vote now for our SXSW panels! – Seth Bardelas of EVRYTHNG will be giving a talk on how brands are transforming the way consumers interact with their products. Consumers get personalized, exciting digital content via the physical product, giving brands a wealth of data about who is buying their products – but only if they don’t give up control of the media and the message. – EVRYTHNG is participating on VaynerMedia’s Intelligent Future panel and will be focusing on the emergence of IoT in consumer products.  Innovations in on-product sensors and packaging allow brands to transform their marketing by turning physical products into smart, interactive touch points. – EVRYTHNG is participating on Avery Dennison’s Style panel dicussing the impact IoT will have on the retail industry, and consumer experiences in-store and at home.

The IoT is revolutionizing the consumer product industry and now billions of passive, non-connected products are being ‘born digital’.  This gives consumers new ways to interact with brands, and lets brands create direct 1-to1 digital relationships with their consumers.  No-where more so than in Apparel, where our innovative work with Avery Dennison is transforming the industry.  Whether your interests be in fashion, technology or business, come attend our panels and learn how we are shaping the future of IoT and business.

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