GS1 Digital Link License

With GS1 Digital Link every product item can now be given a unique digital identity on the web to drive personalized direct-to-consumer experiences, supply chain traceability applications, and much more.

Why Do I Need a License?

EVRYTHNG Limited (“EVRYTHNG”) is offering a royalty-free license for use of our patented context-based product URI redirection technology for use with the GS1 Digital Link standard.  

If you are implementing a solution with GS1 Digital Link and intend to make use of context aware redirection to provide different experiences for a given GS1 Digital Link, you will need a license from EVRYTHNG which is the owner of the US Patent No. 9,794,321B2 (the “Patent”). 

The Patent contains Essential Claims for the implementation of the GS1 Digital Link Standard Release 1.1 for the following sections: (i) 7.1 (Resolver Functionality), (ii) 7.6 (Associating links with identified terms), (iii) (Granular identifiers), (iv) (Examples), (v) 7.7.3 (Requesting a specific link type (client side)), (vi) 7.7.5 (The context keyword), and (vii) 7.7.6 (Recognising the user’s language and requested media type). 

EVRYTHNG is offering to grant a royalty free, non-exclusive license to the Patent to users of the GS1 Link Standard 1.1, for use with their application of resolvers, subject to such users who wish to obtain the benefit of the license registering with EVRYTHNG to receive the license and agreeing the license terms. For avoidance of doubt, this licensing offer pertains to implementations of Release 1.1 of the GS1 Digital Link Standard. We anticipate the license being extended to subsequent releases of the GS1 Digital Link Standard, subject to the scope of those releases, and we will contact you to update your license agreement in such circumstances.

You can review the license terms here. EVRYTHNG will only license the Patent to you on the basis of these license terms for its use to implement the normative sections of the GS1 Digital Link 1.1 standard. Please read it carefully.  

To obtain a license agreement please complete the form on this page and you will then receive a signature ready copy of the license via email for automated completion.  

License Request Form

The GS1 Digital Link

A single code for the supply chain, at point of sale, and in the home.


Give every item you make a GS1 Digital Link and an Active Digital Identity™️ in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud to unlock new value from your products.

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GS1 Digital Link Explained

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GS1 Digital Link enables every item to be connected to the web by embedding Web addresses instead of just numbers

An embedded web address (URL) connects to the item’s unique digital identity in the cloud.

The Digital Link is encoded in any 2D code, NFC/RFID tag or bluetooth beacon.

It enables GS1 identifiers and attributes to be included in the web URL makes it easier to share information about products with any app or device.

A universal language for requesting product information because it integrates with the Semantic Web and Linked Data.

What Does EVRYTHNG Have To Do With GS1 Digital Link?

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Digital Link Pioneers

Co-chair of the working group, we helped to develop the standard and became the first platform to roll out the standard to global brands, like Mowi.

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Highly Scalable Product Cloud

Trusted platform used by the world’s biggest brands, offering a suite of tools for creating and managing GS1 Digital Links.

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Rich Feature Set

Engagement analytics dashboards, campaign management tools, serialization engine and enterprise and blockchain integrations.

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Peace of Mind

When using our Product Cloud, you get a free license to our IP that allows you to provide different experiences and applications for a single GS1 Digital Link.

Let EVRYTHNG Help Accelerate Your GS1 Digital Link Development

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Business to Consumer Applications

Turn your product into a media channel for personalised, dynamic, experiences and content.

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Detailed Product Information
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Provenance & Sustainability
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Instructions & Usage Tips
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User Forums & Feedback
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Product Registration
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Business to Business Applications

Simplify lifecycle traceability. Reduce cost and complexity of data sharing across the value chain.

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Master & Traceability data
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Regulatory compliance data
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Recall status of an item
SKU & Batch information
eCommerce & PoS integration
Brand Protection

Contact us and we’ll be happy to show you how the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud helps implementing successful Digital Link strategies!

GS1 Digital Link Whitepaper

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GS1 Digital Link Test Bed and Tools

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