EVRYTHNG provides a fully-managed, scalable IoT software-as-a-service platform for enterprises to issue and manage digital identities for physical products, and to manage data from and about physical products to drive applications. Application use cases include authenticating and tracking products through the product lifecycle from manufacture and into the hands of the end customer, and the delivery of direct to end customer services, linked to product items.


The platform has a number of central functions:

  • Generates Active Digital Identity™ for product items at mass scale, and provisions these digital identities with physical product items at point of manufacture through packaging partnerships or manufacturing integrations.
  • Manages each Active Digital Identity™ to be available as a web service and to gather, connect and share data associated with product items across the product lifecycle through APIs, connectivity with supported enterprise systems and supported Blockchains.
  • Applies data science and programmable rules logic to drive third party applications with product data through APIs and programming tools.
  • Provides visibility, control and intelligence associated with product items and product item data through dashboard interfaces and APIs.

Product Identity Management

EVRYTHNG gives a unique, Active Digital Identity™ (an ‘ADI’) to a physical product item (supporting GS1 Digital Link), creating a web addressable object in the cloud (known as a ‘thng’) that provides a persistent online presence with a unique, global URL for applications authorized to access it.  ADIs can be mapped to existing serialization and product identities, including barcodes, EPCs, MAC or SAP ID’s.

Semantic Data Model

The EVRYTHNG Platform is able to store large amounts of dynamically defined attribute information about a diverse range of  individual products. This metadata may include both static information such as product line, size, color or price, and dynamic data captured during the lifespan of the product, such as real-time sensor and status information, where it was shipped, when it was sold, as well as post-sale information about the consumer and product usage and events.

Business Rules Engine

The EVRYTHNG Platform provides a powerful, fully programmable rules engine that accommodates many data inputs including dynamic status or location of a product, or a trigger from an external system or device. The scripted logic can then initiate actions in 3rd party applications, send alerts or deliver relevant content to the end users.

Dynamic Redirection

The EVRYTHNG Platform provides a real-time mechanism to change the destination of an end user application engagement or scan through the Redirector. This allows platform users to program context-driven rules for each individual identity, making the URL on a product dynamic and easy to change.

Dashboards & Analytics

The EVRYTHNG Platform provides a range of customizable web interface dashboards permitting authorised users to view product item data, analytics and notifications relevant to supported use cases. EVRYTHNG also provides APIs for data expert and integration with third party analytics and visualization tools.

Product Connectivity

The EVRYTHNG Platform has a set of software tools and application programming interfaces to identify, communicate with, or control physical products that can be scanned or connected via the internet. EVRYTHNG allows for easy integration with packaging and tags via scanning and identification technologies (including QR, barcode, RFID, NFC or image recognition), using HTTP REST, MQTT and WebSockets.


The EVRYTHNG Platform uses Web standards based APIs to simplify the interconnection to other systems, platforms and applications. EVRYTHNG supports standard messaging, communication and networking protocols to operate as a neutral abstraction layer, orchestrating between different elements of the enterprise ecosystem. EVRYTHNG provides standardized frameworks, template code and documentation to support integrations to enterprise business systems such as Salesforce or SAP. EVRYTHNG provides a Blockchain Integration Hub supporting a number of supply chain Blockchains and with associated tools for third party Blockchain data access, sharing and publishing. EVRYTHNG provides a set of data import tools and APIs for the import and integration of product tracking, PO and ASN information.


The EVRYTHNG Platform provides web-based interfaces to manage and operate services within the EVRYTHNG Platform in real-time, defining products, applications, users, permissions and rules. Fine-grained access control manages the permission levels of users, apps, devices and systems to interact with product data.

Developer Tools

EVRYTHNG provides a number of toolkits, software agents, open source components, online documentation and support resources described at http://developers.evrythng.com and at the EVRYTHNG Github site for developers.


EVRYTHNG’s ACTIVATE is provided to product manufacturers and supply chain service providers to provision ADIs to products and to drive digital services efficiently and at scale with trusted product identities and product information. ACTIVATE provides the speedy provision of crypto-secure digital product identities at industrial scale, easy management of product item information, efficient collection of data linked to product items, and tools to drive a full range of applications & integrations.

Key capabilities include:

  • Bulk digital identity provisioning
    • – Digital identity & serialisation, supporting GS1 Digital Link
    • – Batch updating to set dynamic context app rules
    • – Import product master data
    • – Customizable trigger format outputs for printers
  • Dashboards for management & analytics
    • Status and progress of identity generation batches
    • Application, location, product & engagement analytics
    • Data sharing permission management
  • Data integration & data sharing
    • Import & integrate traceability data
    • Import business location information
    • Blockchain integration for publish & share
    • APIs & tools to program data & drive applications


EVRYTHNG’s AUTHENTICATE is provided to product manufacturers and brand owners to support the reduction of impact to consumer trust and losses to earnings caused by counterfeit and parallel trade. AUTHENTICATE provides pre-emption and rapid response to integrity problems, with greater supply chain visibility, and a cohesive view of each product item’s journey into the hands of the consumer.

Key capabilities include:

    • Integrity enforcement in the factory
      • – Provisioning unique identity to each item
      • – Authentication in-line with Factory application
    • Dashboards for visibility, alerts & tracing
      • – Factory production & order tracking
      • – Consumer & field personnel product engagement
      • – Gray market & counterfeit alerts & trace analysis
    • Apps for consumers & field personnel
      • – ‘Crowd-sourced’ authentication & traceability
      • – Tools to enable dynamic consumer experiences
      • – Authentication app for field personnel & partners
    • Integration of supply traceability data
      • – Import & integrate PO and ASN data
      • – Import traceability data (RFID etc.)

EVRYTHNG’S AMPLIFY is provided to product manufacturers and brand owners to Build direct relationships with end-customers, collect first party data, and transact directly with customers. AMPLIFY enables direct engagement and relationship building with end-customers through products as an owned media channel, collection of first party data, and direct transaction with end customers.

Key capabilities include :

  • Application generator
    • – Rapid creation of Product Provenance, Product Information, Reward & Consumer Feedback apps
    • – Dynamic redirection for personalized experiences e.g. based on location, product, device and consumer
  • Dashboards for app management & analytics
    • – Application, location, product & engagement analytics
    • – Campaign and application rules management
  • – Analytics & system integrations
    • – Push data to Google Analytics and others
    • – SDKs to embed with enterprise CMSs
    • – Connectors for sharing data with CRM systems
    • – Import & integrate traceability data


The EVRYTHNG Platform is delivered as a software-as-a-service in a federated platform operating model. The Platform applies a number of proprietary software technologies and automated software infrastructure tools in large-scale, multi-geo cloud data centre environments to meet the scalability demands of the IoT and the billions of ADIs managed. Security and privacy policies at multiple levels within the EVRYTHNG Platform ensure that data is transported and stored with high standards of security, and that access to this data is controlled via permissions. The EVRYTHNG Platform is fully-managed with a 24×7 SLA and support desk for enterprise-grade availability. EVRYTHNG’s SLAs focus on availability, integrity and consistency of platform performance independent of concurrent demand.


Active Digital Identity Types

ADIs are classified by service level, which are tailored to be appropriate for specific classes of use.  Current service levels include:

Class Definition
U Unserialized periodically connected product items where a single ADI is provided for an entire population of product items associated with a single SKU.
A Serialized periodically connected product items where a single ADI is provided for each product item.
B Persistently connected products with simple application logic and which transact with the EVRYTHNG Platform less than 12 times per hour


The EVRYTHNG Software-as-a-Service Platform is subject to continuous advancement, with regular release updates. As a consequence this Service Description is subject to modification by EVRYTHNG from time to time without notification.

Ver. 3.0 – November 2018

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